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Why Choose Us

Dentist’s Dentist Masterpiece Smiles has been serving the Knoxville, Tennessee, area for decades and all those years of service have made Dr. Michael Beeler and his staff some of the most trusted dental professionals in the region. Why Choose Us?  Our practice is where even other dentists go to experience excellence in care from the moment they walk into the office to the time they schedule their next appointment. We are proud to be so respected within our own community, both among the families we serve and the professionals in the field.

Speed and Comfort Through Technology We use only the best, most modern equipment to provide our patients with quick, accurate results and a completely pain-free experience. We implement cutting edge imaging systems, ultrasonic cleaning technology, and a wide variety of other advanced instruments for exemplary, consistent care.

Patient Comfort Menu We appreciate that every patient has a different level of ease during dental treatment, which is why we offer our Patient Comfort Menu to allow everyone who visits Masterpiece Smiles to customize their time with us. The menu provides our patients with clear, simple options for their care, whether that means little things like having extra tissues available in the room or bigger decisions like sedation during treatment.

Unique Service Options Masterpiece Smiles is the only practice in East Tennessee that offers six-month braces for adult patients seeking a permanent teeth straightening solution. We are also unique in our use of advanced imaging software, which gives patients a preview of what their new smile will look like when treatment has concluded. We make sure to stay up to date on technological advancements to give our patients the kind of care they won’t find anywhere else in the region.

About Our Practice

Michael Beeler DDS has spent over 36 years making Masterpiece Smiles one of the finest dental practices in Tennessee. Countless individuals, families, and even other dentists trust Masterpiece Smiles to provide top quality care and a friendly, comfortable office.

Contact Info

515 Bethel Road

Phone: 865-494-0634

Web: MyMasterpieceSmile.com