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Prenatal Dental Care


What can I do to ensure I have a healthy pregnancy?

Getting Prenatal Dental Care is the best advice to women considering pregnancy.  Visit your dentist for a checkup and to treat any oral problems before becoming pregnant.  During your pregnancy, your teeth and gums need special attention. Regular brushing and flossing, eating a balanced diet and visiting your dentist regularly will help reduce dental problems that accompany pregnancy.

What oral problems might develop during my pregnancy?

Studies show that many pregnant women experience pregnancy gingivitis — when dental plaque builds up on the teeth and irritates the gums. Symptoms include red, inflamed and bleeding gums. Pregnancy gingivitis occurs more frequently during pregnancy because the increased level of hormones exaggerates the way gums react to the irritants in plaque. However, it's still plaque — not hormones — that is the major cause of gingivitis. Regular check-ups before and during pregnancy are highly recommended to prevent pregnancy gingivitis. Keeping your teeth clean, especially near the gum line, will help dramatically reduce or even prevent gingivitis during your pregnancy. And substituting sweets with more wholesome foods such as cheese, fresh fruits or vegetables is better for your teeth.